Dollar Shave Club’s Michael Dubin on Making People Laugh

Michael Dubin is the cofounder of Dollar Shave Club Inc., a Venice, California-based company that delivers razors and other personal grooming products straight to consumers by mail. Dubin introduced his subscription model for selling razors to the world in 2012 with a YouTube video, in which he railed against high-price blades and stated: “Our blades are f—ing great.”

Dubin recently sat down with Inc. Senior Editor Kris Frieswick to explain how his background in improv comedy helped him launch the viral advertising campaign.

Comedy and Business

“From a comedic sense, understanding what’s funny or why the audience laughs is something that you learn through the process of improv,” says Dubin. “I was able to take some of those lessons and apply them to the business world. Sometimes when you’re in meetings with 20 people and decisions have to get made, it helps to be schooled in a discipline of quick thinking. That’s what improv really is, so it’s really great brain training.”

Today, Dubin is using his improv background to make Dollar Shave Club’s customers laugh. His viral advertising campaign seeks to do just that.

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