Bloomberg: Come Together. Exchange Ideas. Share Expertise.

Since its founding in 1981, Bloomberg has risen to become one of the largest and most successful privately owned companies in the U.S. The company has numerous products, services, and media platforms, including Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Law, and Bloomberg Television. Bloomberg is committed to providing valuable technology and information in the field of finance. The company hosts dozens of events every year, connecting people, ideas, and data, and offering insight into the global economy.


Bloomberg, which is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, deals principally in financial software, data, and media. The company, originally called Innovative Marketing Systems, was founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. It was renamed Bloomberg L.P. in 1986. Bloomberg’s products and services deliver business and financial news, information, and insights to customers around the world. Bloomberg News is one of the world’s leading financial news services and, along with Bloomberg Television, is among Bloomberg’s most successful media services. Through the Bloomberg Terminal, the company’s most profitable product, Bloomberg provides financial software tools to various financial companies and organizations.

Michael Bloomberg originally created the company to provide real-time market data, financial calculations, and other financial analytics to Wall Street Firms. Since then, the company has expanded into many other products and services that are relevant for today’s global economy. Bloomberg’s conferences and events bring together financial leaders and experts from around the world to discuss market trends, technological innovations, and data analytics, among other topics. Some of Bloomberg’s most successful events include: Sooner Than You Think, Bloomberg Invest, Bloomberg at the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings, and The Year Ahead. Events such as these are successful because they create a platform for intelligent discussion about the financial industry and inspire action among attendees.

Sooner Than You Think

Michael BloombergThis September, Bloomberg will introduce a new Technology event, formally known as Sooner Than You Think at Cornell Tech. This half-day event will feature business and technology leaders who will offer insights into current trends and innovations. Topics covered will include artificial intelligence, cyber security, and the concept of the city. Sooner Than You Think at Cornell Tech will be held September 13. The company will provide analysis and data, which will indicate industry transformations that will happen in the near future.

Bloomberg Invest

Bloomberg Invest is a series of conferences that are held at various locations and dates throughout the year. The conference nearest on the horizon takes place in London on October 5, followed by one in Abu Dhabi on December 11, and one in New York on June 6, 2018. The inaugural Invest ETF London will be held at the European headquarters in October 2017 and will focus on the state of today’s exchange traded funds market. Invest Abu Dhabi and Invest New York will explore investing in the global economy.

The World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings

On October 12, Bloomberg will host an event gathering world leaders for conversations on global topics such as: the global economy, wealth equality, globalization, female entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. The evening program will be curated by journalists including John Micklethwait, editor of Bloomberg News; Francine Lacqua, an anchor for Bloomberg Television; and Megan Murphy, editor of Bloomberg Businessweek. They’ll be holding conversations with experts and commentators before an audience of economists, CEOs, government officials, and other global leaders in their respective areas.

The Year Ahead

Samantha PowerThis event, which is in its fifth year, endeavors to provide global business executives with information that will prepare them and their company for the coming year. The Year Ahead will take place on November 8 in New York City. Speakers will talk about the industries, companies, products, and trends that will emerge in the next year. Other topics of discussion will include free trade, immigration, and global investment opportunities. Last year’s event featured such names as Seth Meyers, Samantha Power, and Paul Tudor Jones.

Bloomberg’s next event is the Biometric Security & Safer Cities Summit, which takes place on July 25. For speakers on related topics like business and media, check out the Keynote Speakers Lists on our website!


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