The 2018 Strata Data Conference will take place September 11-13. The conference features informative keynotes and workshops led by some of the world’s most influential big data experts. Data scientists, AI researchers, developers, analysts, engineers, and executives from a wide range of industries will give insights on how to best optimize data implementation within your field.

Highly anticipated tech speakers at the Strata Data Conference 2018

1Holden Karau 
Open Source Developer Advocate at Google

Holden Karau is a transgender open-source developer advocate at Google. In her role, Karau advises companies and gives tutorials on best practices when utilizing Apache Spark, Beam, and other big data open-source frameworks. Karau is heralded as a Spark expert and has made significant contributions to the unified analytic engine. She is the co-author of two books on Spark including “High-Performance Spark: Best Practices for Scaling and Optimizing Apache Spark“, released in 2017.

2Ted Malaska
Director of Engineering & Global Insights at Blizzard Entertainment

Ted Malaska is the Director of Engineering & Global Insights at Blizzard Entertainment, the fifth largest gaming company in the world. As a technical gaming architect, Malaska works on managing the data of the 352 million Monthly Active Users of, the online gaming community platform for all of Blizzard’s titles including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and HearthStone. Malaska is the co-author of a series of Hadoop Application Architecture books, including “Foundations for Architecting Data Solutions: Managing Successful Data Projects“, released earlier this year.

3Theresa Johnson
Product Manager for Payments at Airbnb

Theresa Johnson is a product manager for payments at Airbnb. As a data scientist, she was part of the task force and cross-functional hackathon team at Airbnb that worked to develop the framework for the current anti-discrimination efforts. Johnson is passionate about making technology accessible for everyone and is a founding board member of Street Code Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to high-touch technical training for innercity youth.

4Dan Djuric
Vice President of Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Information Management at Domino’s 

Dan Djuric is vice president of global infrastructure and enterprise information management at Domino’s, the largest pizza delivery chain in the world. In his role, Djuric and his team help process customer data from online orders, which account for over 55 percent of the 1 million-plus pizzas Domino’s delivers daily worldwide. With this data, Djuric and his team derive insights on customers to help improve marketing efforts.

5Julia Angwin
Senior Reporter at ProPublica

Julia Angwin is an investigative journalist at the independent news organization ProPublica. At ProPublica, Angwin, an expert on privacy and corporate use of consumer data, currently covers how tech industry giants like Facebook handle user data. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is the author of “Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance.”


Other Big Data Experts & Technology Speakers at Strata Data Conference 2018 

  • Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist & Founder of Geoloqi, Inc.
  • Barbara Eckman, Principal Data Architect at Comcast
  • Jacob WardScience & Tech Correspondent for Al Jazeera America


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